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For that authentic casino experience, Gala Casino brings you live play! Test your skills with live roulette, blackjack and more. Pick your view and choose from hundreds of games.

How to play roulette

Place your bet by putting a chip anywhere on the table – on an individual number, between numbers, or on groups of numbers such as “evens” or 1-12. The dealer will then spin the wheel and let players know where the ball lands.

Your winnings will depend on the odds of your bet. If you placed a £1 chip on a single number, for example, you’ll win back £35 plus your stake. For odds or evens, you’ll win twice your stake.

Make a winning bet

Roulette is a game of chance, but you can try the Martingale Strategy. Place a minimum bet on any numbers with odds of 2/1, e.g. red or black. If you win, place your next bet with the original stake and keep your winnings to one side. If you lose, make the same bet again, but with twice your stake.

How to play blackjack

Live blackjack can be very fast, so you need to be sharp. Start by placing your bet. You’ll be dealt two cards, and the objective is to reach 21 without exceeding this. You can “hit” for another card or “stick” if it’s too risky. Your dealer will then do the same.

How to win blackjack

Remember, your dealer has to have at least 17, so if you have a 15 or 16, don’t risk “going bust”. The next card is more likely to be a 10 than anything else, so be cautious if you have 15 or more.

You can also “double down”, which allows you to double your bet with one extra card. For example, if you get a “hard 9” against the dealer’s low cards (e.g. a 4 and a 5), you’ll be able to split these and potentially draw a 10, whereas the dealer has to play until at least 17 and may go bust.

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