Jackpot In Your Attic

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Hit the jackpot and find cash in the attic!

Want to find out how much your old toys and games could be worth now?

In the 1980's we saw the first rise of the original computer games and many of us have fond memories of playing these retro games in our younger days.

Whether dodging oil drums tossed by Donkey Kong, or watching out for "ghost alarms" with the Ghostbusters, these games provided hours of fun.

Some of you may have kept hold of these nostalgic games and old toys from our past, and if you have an original of the below games do you know how much they could be worth today? From the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Game and Watch, we've covered them all. They don't have to be in perfect, packaged mint condition either!

Check out the current prices some of these games sell for and see if you can find valuable treasures worth cash in your attic…

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