What Decision-Making Style Are You?

Making decisions is a big part of life. From the moment we wake up, we are flooded with choices - what to wear, what to eat, and ultimately, what to do? We all make decisions differently. This quiz will help you find out your decision-making style.

What Decision Making Style Are You?

As human beings, we all have different personalities, different upbringings and different physiologies (the way our bodies and brains are wired). Psychologists and sociologists suggest that, due to this, people make decisions in different ways, using different methods.

This quiz will help you identify your decision-making style. None of these styles are any better or worse than the others - they are merely different techniques to get to the same conclusion.

Don't forget, these are just rough guides that some find useful. Most people tend to be a mixture of two or three styles and rarely fit neatly into only one category.

If you don't agree with your result or don't find it helpful, then just ignore it and keep being you!