With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, we've been looking into ‘The Luck of The Irish'. Although many believe this to be a phrase to describe great fortune and luck, its origins from the American Gold Rushes of the 19th century translate as something a lot less pleasant!

However, we're pleased to present a list of stars from the Emerald Isle who managed to turn their country's perceived downturn of luck into something a lot more successful and upbeat. So who are Irish eyes smiling upon?

Louis Walsh

The X-Factor judge and music mogul originally helped to form Boyzone in the early 90's – get on YouTube and you're sure to find a very early version of the group showing off some rather strange dance moves on an Irish chat show. However, Walsh persevered and ended up with a record-breaking smash group on his hands, as the boys triumphed in the charts both at home and in the UK.

Walsh also stamped his authority on The X-Factor, mentoring series two winner Shayne Ward and having his fair share of controversial moments throughout the years. However, his success as a manager has earned him a place in our list!

Colin Farrell

With a string of blockbuster films to his name and the kind of stardom most aspiring actors only dream of, it's a little-known fact that Farrell had previously auditioned to join Boyzone! After appearances in British film and TV, Farrell was ‘discovered' by producer Joel Schumacher, who casted him in Tigerland and Phone Booth.

Farrell has earned himself a bit of a playboy reputation from his wild days, and has at some point been romantically linked with many actresses – if that's the Luck of the Irish, wouldn't you fellas want some?

Saoirse Ronan

At just 19 years of age, this Irish talent has already received the highest level of acclaim awarded to actors, with nominations for an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe under her belt. She appeared in the film adaptation of Atonement as well as The Lovely Bones – both performances adding to her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Alongside these more haunting films she's also not afraid to get tough, as shown in her leading performance of Hanna which was very well-received by critics.

The success of these particular major Irish stars clearly contradicts the well-known phrase, so why not see if you can make the luck of the Irish into something positive! Play Irish Luck at Gala Casino today and make your friends green with envy!