The Chase Slot
<p>Ever watched <strong>The Chase</strong> and thought to yourself, &ldquo;I could do that!&rdquo;?</p> <p>Well, now&rsquo;s your chance to prove your quiz mastery on <strong>Gala Casino&rsquo;s </strong>very own <strong>The Chase Slot</strong>!</p> <p>Based on the global smash-hit TV quiz show phenomenon, our very own <strong>Gold Exclusive</strong> pits you against the crack squad of formidable Chasers.</p> <p>Get three of The Chase symbols in view and play Head to Head in the Final Chase Bonus round against one of our Chasers!</p> <p>In the Head to Head select your cash value, and beat The Chaser along the trail to carry that cash into the Final Chase Bonus round.</p> <p>Build a cash pot and leave The Chaser eating dust to make off with a jackpot up to &pound;250,000!</p> <p>The Governess. The Beast. The Dark Destroyer. The Sinnerman. The Vixen. Great names, fearsome intellects &ndash; and they're all waiting for <em>you</em> at Gala Casino!</p> <p>The Chase. Is. On.</p>