Age of the Gods God of Storms
<ul> <li> <p>Hark back to a more innocent time when ancient heroes reigned supreme, and humanity was in thrall to the whims of these all powerful deities &ndash; yes, it&rsquo;s <strong>Age of the Gods </strong>slots!</p> <p>With the release of God of Storms, the number of titles in the mega-popular <strong>AOTG</strong> series reached six. But you&rsquo;re a loyal lot, and despite the success of all six slots, it&rsquo;s the original <strong>AOTG</strong> which remains the most popular among the <strong>Gala Casino</strong> community.</p> <p>The 5 x 3 reels are set among a celestial backdrop, with distant waterfalls cascading down into a lake which appears to be resting atop the clouds.</p> <p>Featuring an all-star line-up including Athena, Hercules, Poseidon and Zeus, all of these divinities are ready and waiting to bestow <strong>free spins</strong> upon you if you land three or more AOTG scatter symbols anywhere in view.</p> <p>Land all five gods (Aphrodite being the fifth) in any sequence upon the reels, and you&rsquo;ll pick up 200x your line bet for the <strong>Pantheon of Power</strong> bonus!</p> <p>Plus, you can trigger the <strong>AOTG progressive jackpot</strong> at any time (and with any stake) to challenge for one of the four jackpots &ndash; <strong>Ultimate Power</strong>,<strong> Super Power</strong>, <strong>Extra Power &amp; Power</strong>!</p> </li> </ul>
$ 690,071.07