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Everything You Need to Know About Table Games

For a more traditional casino experience, Gala Casino will test your skills with table games. You can even join a live game with real croupiers. Make sure you get ahead with our blackjack, roulette and poker tips.

How to play poker guide

There are many different forms of poker, but the objective is simple – to get the best hand. For example, with Texas Hold ‘Em, you’ll start with two cards and can add more from a “community pile” for the best hand.

You can either raise the stakes or “fold” if you think your hand isn’t good enough to win the game. Not been dealt a good hand? You can bluff and make others think your hand is better than it is. To win, make sure you learn the winning hands:

  • Straight flush

  • 4 of a kind

  • Full house

  • Flush

  • Straight

  • 3 of a kind

  • 2 pair

  • Pair

  • High card

How to play blackjack guide

Start by placing a bet. Your dealer will deal you two cards. Your objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding this, otherwise known as “going bust”. You can choose to “hit” for another card, or “stick”, for example, if you’re dealt a 10 and an ace.

Your dealer will then deal him/herself, but must have at least 17 before sticking. If he/she goes bust, or if you’re just closer to 21, you’ll win your twice your stake.

How to play roulette guide

Start by purchasing chips, each with their own value, e.g. £1. On the table is a grid with numbers 0 to 36, plus boxes with colours or groups of numbers e.g. odds and evens. Your odds will depend on where you place your chip – for example, for evens or odds, you’ll win twice your stake.

Once all bets have been placed, the croupier drops a ball into the roulette wheel. Wherever it lands determines your winnings. It’s far easier to win betting on colours or odds/evens, but the payouts are lower.

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