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Everything You Need to Know About Jackpot Slots

Slot machines are hugely popular thanks to their ease of play and potential return on investment. For just a few pennies, one lucky spin could secure a vast payout.

For real thrill-seekers, the next step up is jackpot slots. Sometimes known as jackpot bonus slots or progressive slots, these feature a rising jackpot every time you deposit money. There are three basic types:

  • Standalone progressives: these were the first type of jackpot slots, and would build their jackpots based on bets from one machine alone.

  • Local progressives: these are one step up from standalones, linking various machines in the same casino/online site. This helps to secure larger jackpots.

  • Wide area network progressives: these can link slot machines across larger physical or online networks in multiple regions, resulting in larger payouts.

How to play jackpot slots

An online slots jackpot can quickly grow thanks to many players putting in bets at once. Every time you make a bet, this is added to your potential jackpot. Keep in mind that progressive slots have a lower Return to Play rate than regular slot machines, but the jackpots are considerably higher.

For best results, you should bet the maximum bet every time to see the biggest returns. Set yourself a budget before playing and look out for bonuses.

Why play jackpot slots?

If you love the thrill of online jackpots slots, we have the variety and big pay-outs for you. Spin the latest releases and grab a chance to try exclusive titles to get all the fun of slot games with the added anticipation of a potential huge prize…

The best online jackpot slots from Gala Casino

Play online casino jackpots here and you’ll have your pick of the best. Take on our Super Jackpot games like Midas Gold, go for something new like Ted Jackpot King or try an exclusive title like Mega Bars.

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