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There are plenty of online slot reviews available, each offering a slightly different insight into a specific casino game. Stumbling across new reviews can be a great way to discover an up-and-coming game, or simply learn more about the existing features of a slot that is already popular.

However, knowing which reviews are trustworthy can sometimes prove troublesome. It’s no secret that some reviewers will be paid to promote a slot, only mentioning it in a good light. As you can imagine, this can lead to a review that is totally biased. In this article, I explain some of the things that I check to see whether or not an online slot review is trustworthy.

Look For Critical Points

Whenever I see a review that mentions both the good and bad of a slot, it gives me confidence knowing that the entire piece is not biased. Of course, there may be some instances in which the review genuinely doesn’t see anything negative in the game itself. 

If this is the case, I often take a glance through some of their other posts to see if any downsides are mentioned. When all I can see is positive comments about every game, this is usually a tell-tale sign that negative information is being excluded.

Check Multiple Reviews

Taking the word of one reviewer can be a bad idea. Whenever I find a new slot that seems appealing, I search the internet for additional reviews. This way, users aren’t just receiving information from one individual source. With reputable and popular slots, there will be plenty of online reviews to choose from! 

To double check, sometimes I will even play the slot in demo mode, just to verify the information provided in a review. If anything is incorrect, I know that trusting the review website is probably not the best idea, especially if they get it wrong multiple times.

Don’t Skim And Scan

This might go without saying, but reading all of the information within a review can be incredibly helpful. I'm guilty of not doing this in the past, with my attention being focused on critical components of the game itself, such as the different symbols, gameplay, and bonus features. By reading the entire review, users will gain the best possible understanding of the game, from the viewpoint of the writer.

Check For Comments 

In some cases, reviews will let other people have their say in a comment section. This is usually located towards the bottom of the page. Reading these can give users a great idea of what other people think about the slot and, ultimately, whether the review was accurate.  

When I read through this section of online casino slot reviews, I like to ensure that there are a variety of different comments. This increases the sample size and should reflect the general opinion of players more accurately.


Those are all of the basic checks I like to conduct on any online slot review to ensure trustworthiness. It goes without saying, but playing a game based on a single recommendation isn’t always the best idea. Typically, reviews are great for suggesting new slots to play, but doing due diligence and researching the game further could prove to be worthwhile!