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Knight Rider

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  • Software: NetEnt
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 26
  • Reels: 5

Knight Rider Online Slot Review

A genre of online slot games that is popular, and remains on the rise, is the one where TV shows from years back are brought back to life. It’s often the case that shows and movies are enjoyed by the masses, and then they come to a bit of an abrupt end. When this happens, it leaves fans wanting more. Knight Rider, as everyone will know, was one of the hottest TV shows around back in the 80s. It undoubtedly earned itself legend status, but after it stopped airing, those who regularly tuned in were left with a bit of a void to fill. But, thanks to NetEnt, they can fill that Knight Rider shaped hole with a bespoke slot version.

Knight Rider Slot - galacasino

Now, it's effortless these days to take inspiration from a TV show or movie and run with it, just to appeal to the mass market. And, if this was the case here, it's likely the slot would still have a good level of interest. However, this is NetEnt we're talking about. They're specialists when it comes to branded content, and they've obtained the official rights to Knight Rider. It can only be a good thing for players as it will allow the slot experts to deliver an authentic experience from start to finish.

The first port of call for NetEnt with Knight Rider is to create the casino game based on the hit TV show. But, as experienced operators in the industry, they’re not about to neglect what they need to include to make this an excellent slot in its own right. They mix things up slightly with a five-reel game that has twenty-six paylines, rather than the traditional twenty. There are also some nifty features included, and because they tie into the theme, it makes them even more enjoyable.

Feature Symbols

A key point to remember if you’re planning on playing Knight Rider is that this is a slot game based on a TV show from the 80s, which is forty or so years ago. Therefore, NetEnt want to stay true to the program's roots by delivering the authenticity via what you could describe as a retro slot. The reality is, you can’t really present that true Knight Rider experience without the 80s vibe going off. And, let’s face it, NetEnt are masters of retro video slots anyway. 

Knight Rider Symbols - galacasino

What NetEnt really get right with the retro design is that even though things don’t exactly look as modern as they do in many other online slots, they don’t look dated either. It’s a sort of retro take but with modern appeal. It’s a difficult balance to strike but one they do well.

Royal icons take on the role of the lower-paying symbols in the selection for this slot. But their design fits the theme, so that's a plus. As you will expect, everyone is here to see the theme-related icons, such as Michael, KITT's steering wheel, a digital watch, etc.

Bonuses and Jackpots

You're naturally going to expect to see a wild icon in this NetEnt release. And you do. Only this time, it comes with a couple of duties. First, of course, it will act as a substitute for other regular symbols on the reels. But, if it's involved in a winning combination, a multiplier will come into play based on the reel it's on; for example, reel 1 = 1x. A wild on the reels will also move one column to the left until it disappears, which is another bonus.

Three or more scatters opens the door for ten free spins. Knights collected during the bonus round will mean players progress to the next level, where more free games and laser wilds await.

Laser wilds are added to the reels with every free game. Akin to what we mentioned above, they will also move one column to the left until they disappear.

Play Knight Rider Slot at Gala Casino

Knight Rider is one of the most iconic TV shows of all time. And, seeing it brought back to life in slot game form is something special. The great news is that NetEnt are the ones who have created the game, and they have the official rights, so it's a slot that is as authentic as they come.

How to Play Knight Rider Slot?

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First, create an account with Gala Casino.
Select Knight Rider Slot
Knight Rider Slot - galacasino
Select the Knight Rider slot from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
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Choose and place your bet according to the size of your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!