Slot Factory

Slot Factory

Slot Factory is a software provider that offers various solutions for casinos. Everything they offer is comprehensive, including installations, support, and even assistance with marketing. They have a license from the UK Gambling Commission, which makes them very trusted and reputable due to the thorough examinations that this governing body conducts. 

Perhaps one of the standout points for Slot Factory is that they don’t offer a consistent theme throughout each of their releases. While some games may have minor similarities, most of their slots are completely original creations that have been made from scratch. This keeps everything fresh for punters, with the graphics and user interface being tweaked to suit the style of game. 

The same can be said for the features within each game, as they are mixed randomly between each release. While Slot Factory hasn't released any unique bonuses or mechanics, the way they incorporate existing features into their game is impressive. Combinations of different mechanics are a prime example of this, which will be touched on later when evaluating some of the company's top releases! 


History Of Slot Factory 

Slot Factory was founded in 2019 in the United Kingdom and immediately assembled a team of experts within the iGaming space. The provider is actually a B2B division of Intouch Games, a significant player in the space. Intouch was founded in 2001 before launching its very own casino in 2007. Their portfolio has only grown since, with additional casinos being founded over the years.

In 2021, Slot Factory also partnered with iSoftBet and Relax Gaming, who are also titans in the industry. The company has announced that they plan to incorporate a variety of other B2B partnerships as they expand, too! 


Top Slot Factory Releases 

In total, Slot Factory has a vast collection of over 200 different games that they've produced in the past. With such a selection, picking a few of the best was a tough task, but here are the three picks we settled on!  

Up first is Gold Mine Megasplit, which includes an interesting mechanic. Of course, this is the Megasplit feature, as mentioned in the name. Randomly, any symbol within the game can be split into 2 of the same value. This can happen multiple times per spin, meaning that it's actually possible to match 10 of the same symbols across a payline. 

The next game we will have a quick look at is Snatch The Cash, which has a TV game show feel to it. Graphics in this game appear relatively retro. However, the included features have a more modern twist on them. A variety of different bonuses can be triggered within Snatch The Cash, including a collect mechanic that sees the player grab a handful of notes that are flying around the slot! 

Twistin’ Respins is another slot worth talking about. As most people would imagine, this game is focused on the respin mechanic, which can trigger randomly when there are no matching combinations on the board. The bonus mode within this game, alongside other features, can only be triggered during a respin!  


Why Play Slot Factory Games?  

Slot Factory proves that games don’t need to include an abundance of features in order to be successful. Instead, the company focuses on using mechanics in a unique way, which can help each game to be significantly more entertaining.  

In addition to this, each of their slots has a different appearance, which means punters can play through a variety of Slot Factory games without them becoming stale. More partnerships in the future for this provider could see some more hit titles that combine popular mechanics with aesthetically appealing visuals!