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Crazy Time

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Fans of live dealer casino games can start dreaming big thanks to the release of Crazy Time, one of the latest casino games available to play here at our casino site. Most people frequenting online casinos are live dealer fans, which calls for plenty of excitement regarding Crazy Time. Not many titles in this category of iGaming boast such superb payout potential, with a maximum of a possible 20,000x your stake serving as the highest win the game can return. There's also the thrills that come with the game-play itself, as it revolves around a spinning wheel with players watching with great anticipation as to which segment the wheel will come to rest on. To add even more air to its tyres, you’ll also find bonus features that you can trigger through wager selection.

Crazy Time - galacasino

Which is the studio that created Crazy Time? It goes without saying that a live casino game of this statue could only have come out of the Evolution Gaming stable. It's not that Evolution Gaming is the only casino software studio producing live dealer games, but rather that they're the studio that gets it right most of the time. First, having brought you live versions of roulette and blackjack, it wasn't long until they started brainstorming new ideas for online casino games that players could live stream through to an actual casino floor in order to play. Crazy Time is one that uses the concept of a spinning wheel but with rewards that, for the most part, remain unique to the game they reside in.

How To Play?

If you’ve ever watched gameshows or someone spin a jackpot wheel, then you’ll definitely know how a game of Crazy Time works. Simply select the amount you want to stake, and then choose one of 8 segment categories varying in risk vs return as below:

  • 21 Segments – Number 1 (1x wager)
  • 13 Segments – Number 2 (2x wager)
  • 7 Segments – Number 5 (5x wager)
  • 4 Segments – Number 10 (10x wager)
  • 4 Segments – Coin Flip feature (5,000x wager)
  • 2 Segments – Cash Hunt feature (10,000x wager
  • 2 Segments – Pachinko feature (10,000x wager)
  • 1 Segments – Crazy Time feature (20,000x wager

Once you've selected your desired bet, all you've left to do is sit back and watch the dealer spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on a selected segment, you will win and receive a cash payout. If it doesn't, then you lose your cash.

What to look out for:-

Coin Flip

A multiplier is applied to your wager for a cash win. The multiplier is determined by a machine flipping a coin in the studio, which the coin having a red and blue side. The multiplier is chosen at random, with the highest Crazy Time awarding in this feature 5,000x your stake.

Cash Hunt

This is a feature of pure chance where you’ll need to pick one of many mystery icons displayed on a screen. The symbol will reveal a multiplier with a maximum of 10,000x your bet.


Watch a puck fall down a wall hitting a multiplier, or multipliers, as it goes. Pachinko can award a maximum of 10,000x your bet.

Crazy Time

In an impressive display of special effects, you'll enter into a virtual room with one of the most enormous spinning wheels you're likely to have seen. With up to 20,000x your bet available to be won in this feature, you'll need to select what colour segment the wheel will land in for a multiplier. Multipliers in this feature can be doubled or tripled. 

Play Crazy Time at Gala Casino

We’ve played myriad live dealer games, with many likely being more entertaining and strategic than Crazy Time. However, not many have the ability to pay quite like this game can. While live casino games also aren't known for hosting a variety of bonus features, but in Crazy Time, there are four bonus features players can experience. With up to 20,000x your stake a possibility, there's no doubting the potential you'll find for some crazy big wins.

How to Play Crazy Time Slot?

Follow these easy steps to play Crazy Time slot.
Join Gala Casino
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First, create an account with Gala Casino.
Select Crazy Time Slot
Crazy Time Live Game Show - galacasino
Select the Crazy Time slot from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
Crazy Time Live Game Show Bet - galacasino
Choose and place your bet according to the size of your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
Crazy Time Live Game Show Bonus - galacasino
Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

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