IGT, or International Game Technology, is a giant casino software provider that is based in Las Vegas. This company has a wealth of different games within its portfolio; however, its reach doesn't stop at online casinos. IGT also offers a range of physical gaming solutions to land-based casinos and arcades.  

Slots, table games, lotteries, and sports betting are just a few of the categories that are offered by IGT. They also have over 10,500 employees with 20 major locations in America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Once all of their products and services have been taken into consideration, they are amongst the most prominent gaming providers in the world.  

They have over 450 licenses to their name, giving the company a huge coverage. Amongst these licenses is one granted by the UK Gambling Commission, which is known for being incredibly rigorous when checking the different aspects of a company. Perhaps as a direct result of this, International Game Technology quickly garnered a positive reputation within the industry. 


History Of IGT 

IGT was founded in 1981 and started by offering comprehensive solutions to physical gaming environments, as mentioned previously. In addition to the software that was created by their team of experts, they were also capable of producing the cabinets to house each game. This portion of the business remains their primary focus. However, some of their online releases have been stellar too! 

Perhaps another notable part of IGT’s history is its acquisition of Electronic Data Technologies, which took place in 1984. This allowed them to offer frequent-player reward programs to casinos, a concept that is still used today at both physical and land-based casinos. IGT has consistently evolved this software over time, optimising it to benefit both casinos and players. 


Top IGT Releases 

Juicy Loot is one of the most popular online releases by International Game Technology. This slot is unique in the sense that there are no specific paylines, with symbols awarding players based on the number of icons in a cluster. While Juicy Loot was not the first game to follow this mechanic, it certainly helped to increase the visibility and popularity of the feature. 

Next up, we have Treasure Hunt, a slot with an appearance that doesn't match any game we've seen before. The minimal interface makes this slot very easy on the eye, while still containing all of the basic settings that a player would expect. Autoplay is available to use, alongside a handful of different betting sizes. There is also a bonus that can award players with 100 free spins! 

The third and final IGT release that we'd like to touch on is Wolf Run, a new release that still allows players to select their number of paylines. To some punters, this may sound like a standard feature, but most new titles within the iGaming industry will cover all paylines. Stacked wilds and free spins can be found within Wolf Run, too, with the background changing to night whenever the main bonus is triggered! 


Why Play IGT Games?  

The sheer experience of this company alone is perhaps enough of a reason for punters to enjoy the range of games that they have available. IGT is not the type of company to simply release a game and start working on another, either. Their team is consistently innovating and improving previous releases whenever possible. 

With IGT being such a large company, their next move is almost entirely unpredictable. They are likely to release some new slots at regular intervals. However, it could be interesting to follow the journey of International Game Technology as they expand online and in land-based casinos around the world!