With just a handful of big-name companies dominating the industry, it can be extremely difficult for smaller ones to make an impact. But that didn't stop Yggdrasil, which has managed to go from being a small boutique developer to a significant industry player in just a few short years.

How did they do it, I hear you ask? By producing some of the best slot games to ever hit the market is how. Every detail of their titles, from the amazing Hollywood-style graphics and animations, the special features that push the boundaries of slot gameplay, to the strong basics like RTP and jackpot size, is of the highest quality and makes their titles some of the most sought after by players and operators alike.

History of Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming only got their first licence as recently as 2013, and it took them another two years before they started making any real impact on the industry. But once they had managed to carve out a foothold, it was only a matter of time until they received the recognition they deserved. 

Despite its short history, the company has an impressive amount of awards under its belt, including Slots Provider of the Year 2016, Innovator of the Year 2017, and Slots Provider of the Year 2017. Now, you can find Yggdrasil games in all the top casinos, including Gala Casino, and they regularly feature on Most Played Slot lists.

Top Yggdrasil Games

The title that really put Yggdrasil on the map and one of my personal favourites is Vikings Go Wild. As one of their earlier games, the graphics and design, while still impressive, are not quite as polished as in their later titles. But with innovations (for that time) like Sticky Wilds, Multipliers, and great Free Spins action, this game gave the first hint that great things were to come. 

They have created games based on the classic books and are chock full of features and twists to gameplay, all presented in a visually stunning package. 

The company's catalogue also includes games based on original concepts, which combines the best of their titles and occasionally adds even more unique elements. And when I need to take a break from big storylines and animations and just get back to basics, there are classic slot titles like Spina Colada to turn to.

Why You Should Play Yggdrasil Games

The most attention-grabbing feature of Yggdrasil games is definitely the visuals. The minute you open a Yggdrasil game, you can see that this is something out of the ordinary. But reasons for playing don’t stop there. With some of the best talents in the industry involved in all stages of development, from design to the mathematical models behind the scenes, Yggdrasil has set a new standard of excellence and upped the bar for all other developers.