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Slingo Centurion

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Slingo Centurion Online Slot Review

You're back at the best online casino site, and today something is crossing our path with a gladiator theme. In fact, many of you might have played the online slot counterpart titled Centurion, or perhaps also Centurion Megaways. Slingo Originals have pulled off a masterstroke by getting in on the slots series and now brought their Slingo concept to the mix. Speaking of mix, that’s what Slingo is, in that it’s a casino game that crosses online bingo and online slot games. However, in Slingo Centurion, you can actually play free spins features, with more bonuses that can be triggered.

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Slingo Centurion uses the gladiator theme used in the slots that came before, but obviously, with the Slingo layout you might recognise it. There's a 5x5 grid that hosts 25 random numbers. Right below this grid is a single five reel row that spins to reveal five random numbers, or special icons. You need to try and match as many of the numbers in that bottom row with the numbers in the 5x5 grid above. Chalking off enough numbers to clear an entire horizontal, vertical or diagonal number line will mean a Slingo. You need to try and achieve 12 Slingos in a single round for the big prize.

On a side note, the theoretical RTP stands at 95%, which should act as something to aim for and not to be expected. A round of Slingo Centurion has ten spins of the bottom row, and for a round, you can wager anything between 0.20 and 25.00.

Special Symbols

Not only numbers can render in that bottom row, as there are special symbols too. The red joker will allow you to chalk off any number in the column directly above, while the green joker allows you to mark off any number on the entire 5x5 grid. There's also a Free Spin symbol that awards an extra spin on top of the ten you started with.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Achieving five or more Slingos in a round will see bonus features coming into play. Five Slingos triggers Reelus Maximus, which is a free spins feature in actual slots format. In this feature, the screen changes to a slots grid and symbols start spinning. You'll see the first three reels are always one giant symbol on each spin.

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Anything from 5 – 12 Slingos in Slingo Centurion triggers a bonus feature, so you must know that they're actually seven bonus features in this game. Most are beefed up free spins features, while there's also a board game and a pick an object game.

The more Slingos you achieve, the more cash return you receive, but thanks to the bonus features, it also means boosters on your initial wins.

Play Slingo Centurion Slot at Gala Casino

There’s no doubting that Slingo Centurion is one of the most bonus feature packed Slingo titles we've ever experienced. Heck, it might be one of the most packed bonus feature casino games we've ever seen. The only issue would be the lack of paying power that other titles have shown, with the biggest possible prize only 500x your stake. Regardless, it's loads of fun, and if you have an excellent round, then there'll be tons of action to look forward to.

How to Play Slingo Centurion?

Follow these easy steps to play Slingo Centurion.
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First, create an account with Gala Casino.
Select Slingo Centurion
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Select the Slingo Centurion from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
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Choose and place your bet according to the size of your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!