Captain America

Name: Captain America

Aka: Steve Rogers
Debut: Captain America Comics #1, March 1941
Main Enemies: Red Skull, Winter Soldier, H.Y.D.R.A.
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman enhanced strength and agility, field command expertise, vibranium-steel shield also used as a weapon.
Bio: Captain America is the alter-ego of Steve Rogers; a young man whose inferior physical condition prevented him from joining the Army during the Second World War. Seeking to do his bit for his country, Rogers volunteered as a test subject for the development of a serum which granted him extraordinary strength and speed to become a Super Soldier.
Cap fought many campaigns on the frontlines as attempts to reproduce the Super Soldier Serum were undertaken. However, with the serum’s creator subsequently murdered and Rogers frozen beneath the Arctic, he is revived by The Avengers in the present day; a 20th-century hero facing present-day threats.
Captain America is portrayed by Chris Evans in two eponymous films to date, as well as in The Avengers.

In the Movies…


In the Comics…

Captain America first shows some courage and sees some action when he learns of best friend Bucky Barnes’ kidnap, and attempts a daring rescue.


Cap is plunged into battle on the frontlines as soon as the government realises what they have in their arsenal. Once Rogers avenges the death of Erskine he’s pitched into the fray as a counter-intelligence agent with a flashy uniform.

Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were lifelong friends since childhood; Barnes is advancing nicely in the Army ranks as Rogers continues to be refused for enlistment.


Barnes is not a soldier; his father was killed in training before the war broke out and ‘Bucky’ is kept around to learn the ropes. It’s Bucky who discovers that Rogers is Captain America, and in keeping his identity a secret is brought into Cap’s employ.

Nick Fury is the director of SHIELD in the present day; he puts together the Avengers Initiative and is the man responsible for reviving Rogers from his deep sleep under the Arctic ice and Captain America’s recruitment.


Although the Howling Commandos are instrumental in assisting Captain America during The First Avenger, their sergeant during World War II was…Nick Fury! Vastly different in appearance in the present day, Fury led his commandos in their own title which rarely crossed over with Captain America during the 1940s.

The Incredible Hulk

Name: The Incredible Hulk

Aka: Dr Bruce Banner
Debut: The Incredible Hulk #1, May 1962
Main Enemies: The Leader, The Abomination, Wendigo
Powers/Abilities: Dr Banner’s scientific genius mind gives way to physical size and brute strength after transformation into the Hulk – caused by emotional change.
Bio: Bruce Banner was a leading nuclear physicist who, frustrated by the lack of support for his more peaceable ideas, helped design the Gamma bomb for the US government. During testing, Banner rushed onto the bomb site before detonation to save the life of a straying civilian and is caught in the explosion.
Although he somehow survives the initial bombardment of gamma rays, they cause him to transform into a big green bulky monster known as the Hulk, which retains almost no trace of Banner’s memory or personality and is something of a destructive type. Banner is torn between the good he can do as the Hulk and finding a cure for the sake of his own ravaged mind.
Three different actors have played Bruce Banner in Marvel films; Eric Bana in 2003 and Edward Norton in 2008 starred in eponymous films, while Mark Ruffalo appeared in The Avengers and briefly in Iron Man 3.

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In the Comics…

In The Incredible Hulk (2008), Dr Samuel Sterns is known as Mr. Blue, trying to help Banner come up with a cure. Once injured by Emil Blonsky and infected by Banner’s blood sample, he begins to mutate.


Sterns transformed into The Leader due to a similar gamma ray exposure prior to Banner’s own accident. Mr. Blue was a codename used by Betty Ross to keep in touch with Banner whenever he was on the run.

Doctor Leonard Samson, played by Ty Burrell appears in the 2008 film as the current boyfriend of Betty Ross. His powers have not yet been displayed…


The Doc Samson of the comics also gains superhuman strength with gamma ray exposure – and his strength varies on the length of his hair.

Banner’s accident in the 2003 film came about during his work for a California university.


It was during military testing for the US Army that Banner was caught in a gamma bomb explosion while trying to save Rick Jones, who becomes Hulk’s sidekick.

Iron Man

Name: Iron Man

Aka: Tony Stark
Debut: Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963
Main Enemies: The Mandarin, Obadiah Stane, Whiplash
Powers/Abilities: Genius inventor and billionaire entrepreneur; created the Iron Man suit which is capable of flight and gives its user enhanced strength and onboard projectile weapons.
Bio: When Tony Stark’s adopted parents passed away, he took control of his father’s industrial empire, Stark Enterprises. Rather than advancing company interests, Stark used his new fortune to party around the world – until a weapons test saw him captured by terrorists and forced to build a weapon for them. Instead, Stark built a Mark I Iron Man suit and used it to escape.
Following this brush with death, and the installation of a chest-plate to keep him alive from the injuries suffered, Stark pilots the suit to fight evil in all its forms – from scheming business rivals to those with a supernatural grudge against humanity.
Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Iron Man trilogy and The Avengers.

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In the Comics…

Tony's onboard computer is named J.A.R.V.I.S., voiced by Paul Bettany, who runs the Iron Man suit as well as Stark's household and lab.


"Jarvis" is actually the Stark family's long-serving (and long-suffering) butler, although J.A.R.V.I.S. was incorporated into the books as Pepper Potts’ AI when she dons a suit.

Obadiah Stane, played by Jeff Bridges and wearer of the War Monger armour, is portrayed as a close friend of Stark’s parents and one of the people who helped raise Tony.


Although Stane did work with Howard Stark, his feelings toward Tony were hostile as he immediately attempted to seize Stark International using dirty tactics and physical attacks.

Stark and Pepper’s chemistry develops during the first and second Iron Man films before they begin a relationship at the end of Iron Man 2.


Although Pepper admired Tony from afar in the comics, she eventually fell in love with and married Stark’s chauffeur and assistant, Happy Hogan – played by Jon Favreau in the films.


Name: Wolverine

Aka: Logan, James Howlett
Debut: The Incredible Hulk #180, October 1974
Main Enemies: Magneto, Sabretooth, Silver Samurai
Powers/Abilities: Mutant healing abilities plus adamantium skeleton which combine to make him virtually indestructible; advanced skills in hunting and fighting enemies. Retractable adamantium claws.
Bio: After a childhood trauma which cost the lives of his birth family, young James Howlett adopted the name of his real father Logan and fled to the wilderness, feeling undeserving of a proper life. His mutant gene awakened by the events, Logan was able to survive among wild animals – but he was kidnapped and experimented on by the Weapon X team, who grafted adamantium onto his skeleton and tried to turn him into a mindless killing machine.
Logan was able to flee, but not before killing the vast majority of the team and, plagued by guilt, he returned to the wild until Professor Charles Xavier convinced him of his place among the X-Men.
Wolverine has been depicted in seven X-Men movies to date (including one exceedingly brief cameo in X-Men: First Class) by Hugh Jackman.

In the Movies…


In the Comics…

Wolverine is placed front-and-centre for a great deal of the X-Men films in which he appears; making him the de facto leader in a variety of fight sequences, battle scenarios and even in dialogue.


Wolverine’s preferred ‘loner’ status means he’d rather go it alone than work with his fellow X-Men; in fact Scott Summers aka Cyclops is the real leader of the side despite his heavily reduced role in the films.

Logan’s ability to heal from the wounds he suffers throughout the films is far more advanced than the comics would have you believe. Some minor injuries are healed almost instantly, more serious wounds still take only a few seconds of recovery time to heal.


The comic-book reality is much different. After a major battle which would have done away with lesser men, Wolverine still needs hours of intense concentration – and meditation – to fully recover well after the heat of battle has died down.

Logan and Victor Howlett (aka Sabretooth) share the same father; the latter’s motives for revenge on his half-brother are established throughout the Origins movie.


Sabretooth is not at all involved in Wolverine’s origin story according to the comics; the two men aren’t even related.