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Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Historically, payments to casinos would have been made by telephone, debit card and credit card - some casinos may have even accepted cheques. The modern systems are vastly different, offering a much quicker process which is good news for online casino players.

With older methods of payment such as cheques becoming obsolete and governments banning credit cards in casinos, there has been a sharp rise in e-wallets. These were first established in the 1990s but, in the last 30 years, have rocketed in popularity.

Apple Pay is a modern e-wallet which was launched in 2014. It’s now active in more than 70 countries and is available for all Apple customers to use (in participating countries).

How to Deposit Into Apple Pay Casino?

Apple has been very keen to establish Apple Pay as one of the leading methods of digital payment, and now has around 507 million users worldwide. Apple Pay replaces the need to carry around physical cards or cash, and can be used to make payments in person as well as online.

Although Apple Pay has been a resounding success, its relative youth in the payment market means that it isn’t yet accepted universally. Your chosen casino might not be an Apple Pay casino as gambling in one of the industries where it’s not yet available in every establishment.

To make a deposit using Apple Pay, you'll have to ensure first that the casino accepts this method of payment. If it does, the process is quick and simple. Click onto the cashier area of your online gambling profile and select Apple Pay as the method of payment.

You will need to authenticate the Apple Pay transaction in the usual way, such as with a fingerprint or face ID on your iPhone. This protects your security and ensures that no one can steal your Apple Pay ID to use without your knowledge.

Like other e-wallets, Apple Pay is designed for speedy online transactions, so you should receive a message confirming the successful transfer in just a few seconds. The money should be visible in your account immediately, leaving you free to start playing right away. 

What is the Deposit Limit at Apple Pay?

Every casino sets its own limits for deposits and withdrawals, and this is usually different for various methods of payments.

Apple Pay is accepted globally as a secure and convenient means of payment which makes it ideal for topping up your casino account. At Gala Casino, the minimum sum for making a deposit with Apple Pay is £10 per transaction. You can, of course, choose to transfer more depending on your budget, if you prefer.

You can also control your casino deposits by placing your own limits. This could be daily, weekly or monthly and can be a valuable tool if you're concerned that you might spend too much while you're having fun.