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Debit Card

Debit Card Deposit

There are many different types of debit cards, and they are used all over the world for countless types of online transactions. Although credit cards have been blocked from use in online casinos in many countries, debit cards are still permitted.

In fact, debit cards remain the most popular form of payment for online casinos. Players who are less familiar with e-wallets often feel more comfortable using their debit card, as they will have used it in other online transactions many times before. 

Here’s what you need to know about using your debit card at an online casino


Although Mastercard is a name that’s synonymous with credit cards, just like Visa, they also offer a debit card facility. This allows customers to enjoy all the advantages of the Mastercard brand without having to take out any credit.

Mastercard debit cards are widely accepted at online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals. Finding a Mastercard casino is relatively easy as debit cards remain such a popular choice for payment. 


Maestro is another type of debit card which can be used for online payments. Not many people realise that Maestro is owned by Mastercard, so it’s just a different branding for another type of debit card.

Very broadly speaking, Maestro is accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard debit cards, so there are few places where it can't be used. Finding a Maestro online casino is relatively easy as it remains one of the most popular types of payment. 


Historically credit cards such as Visa were an extremely popular option for casinos. However, in 2020 credit cards were banned in the UK as a means of payment for bets. This means that it’s no longer possible to use a credit card, but players can still use a prepaid visa at a casino. 

How do I use prepaid Visa card to gamble?

A prepaid Visa card works in the same way as a debit card, as the money must be there in order for the transaction to be processed. Therefore, it's just a matter of logging into your account and entering your card details to transfer the funds for play.

Do casinos accept Visa gift cards?

The UK Gambling Commission confirmed that the ban on Visa credit cards did not extend to prepaid cards. The aim of the ban was to prevent players from borrowing money to gamble. Debit cards and prepaid cards don't carry the same risk, so they are available to use to place bets in the UK.

Do online casinos take prepaid debit cards?

There has been no block on prepaid debit cards by the regulators or government, so they remain available to use as a method of payment in online casinos. Each individual casino can decide what payment they are willing to accept, so players will have to check carefully before they sign up.

How to Withdraw Deposit Using a Debit Card

Making a withdrawal using a debit card is just as easy as making a deposit. Most casinos only allow withdrawals once your casino account credit reaches a certain sum, but once you're over the threshold, you can make a withdrawal at any time. You'll need to visit your personal profile at the casino and click on the withdraw option. Here you can specify the method for your withdrawal and the amount you want to transfer. The casino will process the request, and the money will be transferred to your account.